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What is Micro Pave?

Jewelers commonly make the mistake of misusing the term ‘Micro-Pave’ because they don’t take the time to educate themselves with the details of this method of diamond setting. This method allows setters to craft the small details of each stone with the use of high tech instruments. Many may believe that the small details do not matter but that is not true. Each detail accentuates the delicacy of the diamond. The profound beauty of each gem or stone is brought out by Micro-Pave, producing a unique piece of jewelry. Micro-Pave allows the master setter to produce an unbelievably beautiful work of art. Rony M. Custom Made Jewelry gives its clients personal one-on-one attention, each job is treated with care and thought. We guarantee your satisfaction.

When someone uses the term micro pave they are referring to the style of diamond jewelry where multitudes of small stones are set into the ring to enhance it. Pave in literal terms refers to a street being paved with stones, kind of like cobble stones, so in essence the ring is the street being paved with small diamonds as the stones. That is where the term “micro pave” comes from when being used today.

Centuries ago the term pave is described by the placement of multitudes of stones spaced very closely to cover the entire metal surface of the ring. Stones were usually placed in what is called a bead setting, where each stone was placed carefully in a drilled and tapered hole in the metal ring. The look is very clean and neat, creating an illusion to the eye of a sea of gemstones.

Today, the term micro pave refers to a very close set of tiny gemstones, specifically diamonds. Micro refers to the small sizes of the gems. Pave refers to the close setting of the stones and not to the method of setting. The diamonds may range from less than a millimeter to very slightly larger. Actual diamond sizes may be as small as 0.005 ct and generally do not get larger than 0.01 carat in micro designs.